May 13th, 2005

Kero shouting


I wish it would stop being midnight when I still have at least three more hours of evening I want to get through. -.-

-The Gneech
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Still More Gaming Geekery

From plonq: Interview With a Dwarven Trap Builder

On a semi-related note, I envy people who get to play on a regular basis. I occasionally read on gaming boards about these groups that play every week, or sometimes twice or more a week, and think, "D'Oh!!!" I've got a handful of character ideas I'd really, really like to play, and probably a dozen more that I think would be fun to try if I got the chance, most of which will probably never see the light of day.

I can see why WotC cranked up the level progression speed in the current edition of D&D -- at the rate most adult gamers play, it takes forever to level up as it is. Players of older editions sneer and talk about how they've been playing the same character for ten years and are sixth level -- screw that! I've been playing Theran in jamesbarrett's game for what, three, four years and he's only 11th level? It feels like that game's been going forever as it is! I want to get to 20th and retire already -- there are other characters who need playing! (Although, I suspect there are characters besides Theran that I'd be perfectly happy to get to about 5th level and keep playing them there forever without ever advancing again. Oh well.)

Ideally, I'd like to be playing in two fantasy campaigns, one Star Wars campaign, and be running one each myself. But at our group's rate of gaming (twice a month in a good month), it'd take us half a year to do one session of each. -.- But that's the tradeoff you have to make -- I have Suburban Jungle, I have Kung Fu (most of the time), I don't have time for gaming the way I did when I was in school. There are only so many hours, and I have to live with that.

I'm completely uninterested in MMORPG's, in principle and in practice, but I can see how they would have appeal from the "Need more game!" POV. But besides resenting the idea of paying a subscription fee for a computer game ¬.¬ everything I've read or heard about MMORPG play makes them sound mind-numbingly dull. Commerce? Crafting items? An adventurer craves not these things! Where are the chandeliers to swing from?

-The Gneech

The Way I See It #33

Found on a Starbucks cup...

Hot allusions

Metaphors over easy

Side order of rhythm

Grit/s plain or with sauce


If you want to be a poet

You've got to eat right

--Nikki Giovanni

...which is cool and all, but now I'm hungry. 0.o

-The Gneech <-- prefers his metaphors lightly toasted with cream cheese and chives
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