May 14th, 2005

Le Pew

Skunk Wars II: Stinky Strikes Back!

The skunk was there again tonight, in almost the exact same spot. This time we got a fairly good look at him. Cute little guy. :) Very floofy. Very tempting to try to make friends with 'cause they look so cuddly.

But beware! Even if skunks weren't a hazard in their own right, wild animals in general are. Particularly around here, which is like rabies capital of the universe.

Still. Kyoote lil' skunk. ^.^

-The Gneech
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Ack :(

Merf ... twoolfe died in the hospital. 0.o I assume he was still there for the back surgery he was going in for Tuesday.

He was one of those "quietly cool" sort of people that I've always thought the world needed more of.

Mortality sucks. :(

-The Gneech
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