May 22nd, 2005


Last Star Wars Post For a While, I Promise

Last night was the second session of my new Star Wars game, and it was short but accomplished everything it was intended to. Highlights of the session included...

  • First time heroes took damage in combat. Tromping around the remains of the ancient Sith Academy on Korriban, they came upon a pair of vicious local predators, sort of a cross between wolves and the bugs from Starship Troopers, who proceeded to attempt to make Hero Chow out of them. pholph's Jedi set to with his lightsaber, and everybody else blazed away with blasters (laurie_robey's Jedi Counsular is currently just-slightly-better with a blaster, and at 1st level, "just slightly" makes a big difference). They killed one of the predators (Well, mostly hantamouse's squib scoundrel did. He isn't actually that good at combat from the stats, but can roll dice really well, prompting Hanta to say "I'm a better fighter than I am."); and the other predator ran off.

  • Meeting B-0-B. They happened upon a room that had about twenty Episode II-era battledroids just standing around deactivated. This made most of them very nervous, although jamesbarrett's fringer took the attitude of, "Hey, somebody left some droids here just for me!" It turned out that one of them, a modified battledroid named B-0-B, was still active, identified the heroes as "separatists," and started following them in "bodyguard mode" to protect them from "Republic patrols" (i.e., the stormtroopers that were searching for them). Most of the party seemed deathly afraid of B-0-B and eager to deactivate him, but jamesbarrett adopted him. When B-0-B informed them, "I am the property of Count Dooku and was ordered to wait until he sent someone to retrieve me," jamesbarrett said, "Great! I'm here to retrieve you, let's go!"

  • Creepy Sithness. The Sith Academy was a grim enough place when it was inhabited. Two thousand years later when it's falling into rubble and there's nothing there but vicious wildlife and the occasional ancient skeleton, it's downright spooky. Finding training videos on how to use dark Force powers and dismember people with swords, just makes things worse.

  • Bickering about going back to the academy, and hiding from patrols. Fun character moments. :)

  • "Look! An obvious distraction!" When they were near the ship they wanted to steal to make their escape, laurie_robey used the Jedi mind trick on a stormtrooper to make him think he saw pholph's character pop up in the distance and then hide again ... so the stormtrooper said, "Hey, there they are!" and he and his buddies went off chasing phantoms, giving the party more leeway to get around.

  • You don't know the power of the Dark Side!The warforge. The Big Reveal of the adventure, was the warforge, a concept taken from the D&D Eberron setting and doctored, and their first glimpse of Darth Revanus, one of the new Sith Lords that have risen since Palpatine's death. In D&D, Warforged are "living constructs," basically golems with souls. (Think fantasy androids.) In this game, however, Warforged are reanimated cyborgs (a la Robocop), brought back to life with ancient Sith techniques/technology. The Jedi characters snuck into the Warforge and managed to spy on Darth Revanus, a Warforged himself, creating more of them from the bodies of dead stormtroopers. Suitably creeped, the heroes then bid a Hasty Retreat from Korriban.

In all, I'm pleased with how the adventure went. :) It was a good introduction to the campaign, and I think the character group will work nicely. Next, I'll have to figure out a good "urban" adventure to send them on, so all these characters with sneaking and fast-talking skills will get a chance to shine. ;)

-The Gneech
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Boromir battle

Miniatures and AnthroCon

With the advent of collectible miniatures games, I now have more miniatures than I want/need/have room for. So I think I'm going to bring a box to AnthroCon with all of my surplus Mage Knight, Lord of the Rings, D&D, and Star Wars miniatures and the stat cards as applicable, and just charge a buck a piece.

Since some of them are fairly rare items, this will be a good opportunity for collectors to get some good stuff.

Just warning people beforehand. ;)


PS: And no, I'm not taking requests, it's pure potluck. ;)
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