June 25th, 2005

Kero asleep

Are You In, Coherent?

Hmm ... I didn't put up a grab bag today. 0.o

It was very hot today, but I think that got mentioned.

With laurie_robey's invaluable assistance, I went through my miniatures today and found 75-100 that I'm going to be putting for for sale at $1 apiece at AnthroCon. About half of them are plastic figs from WotC's Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars lines, the rest are Mage Knight and Heroclix figs, except for one Lord of the Rings elvish archer. A few of them are fairly rare, so if you know what you're looking for you might get a bargain. All of the WotC figs have their stat cards.

No, my Drizz't Duorden fig is not among them. ¬.¬ And neither are any of my Anakin Skywalker variations.

In the words of the Lost Skeleton, "I sleep now!"

-The Gneech
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