July 1st, 2005

Kero asleep

Spambots and Motor Control

1) If you have a community on LJ, please moderate it. The spambots are getting out of control. -.-

2) My fine motor control sucks lately. This is a particular problem when inking, as I end up drawing two lines a millimeter apart, instead of putting the second line over the first. I ain't got time to be cleaning every friggin' line I draw in Photoshop! I've barely got time to do the ink in the first place. I don't know if it's my scrivener's palsy acting up, or what, but it's been a real problem lately.

3) There is no #3.

-The Gneech
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On a Quest for Quirks and Quests

Many years ago in the dim, dark past, I got a tape of fantasy and SF filksongs from satyrblade, called "Quirks and Quests." I don't know if this tape was a compilation, a published anthology, or what, but there are some songs on here that I really love a lot, including a song written from the point of view of Grendel's mother ("I know you would be sorry, if you weren't so very dead...") and "The Gay Vampire Boogie" (as I've taken to calling it).

Unfortunately, I have no way of transferring these things to MP3, so I've spent a large portion of the morning searching for them. I have found out that the Grendel song, at least, was written by Kathy Mar and Leslie Fish, who are apparently something of major forces in the filking community. I still haven't found anything called "Quirks and Quests" yet, and there's not a lot from them in the way of CDs ... but it is at least a start.

BONUS ITEM! I did finally find the soundtrack to Süleyman the Magnificent, which I've been searching for ever since I recorded a piece off of the radio in 1990 or so. Awesome!

-The Gneech
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Me Barbarian

Strange Combinations

For some reason, today I very much want to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark, Fellowship of the Ring, and The Emperor's New Groove. I have no idea why that particular combination.

Oh, Conan the Destroyer would be good, too.

-The Gneech
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