July 3rd, 2005

Boromir battle

Hail, the Conquering Heroes! [gaming]

In jamesbarret's campaign, we have at long last slain Goroda, queen of the cloud giant force behind the invasion of Geoff! Tonight was all fight, fight, fight, but it was a battle well fought and a victory long-earned.

Theran, my warrior-mage, got to do a nice mix of spellslinging and butt-kicking, using for the first time that "barbarian rage" ability he picked up at 9th level. He still has a bit of a glass jaw -- one hit from the Goroda took him down into the "dangerously close to death" range, as opposed to most of the tanks of the party who could take one or two of those.

That reminds me, camstone mentioned that Baylor had something in the neighborhood of ~75 hit points, which seems awfully low for a paladin. Are you sure you're not getting screwed in the hit dice department, buddy? Assuming 5.5 hp per level for the dice, with a full 10 at first, the "average" paladin hp at 11th would be 65, +Con bonuses. What's Baylor's Constitution? I guess if it's 12, 75 is almost exactly average, so it works out. Kory and Tyro have way more, but they've got d12 hit dice and/or the Toughness feat multiple times, so that makes sense. May I recommend the "improved toughness" feat from Complete Warrior, which gives you +1 hp/level, next time you're in the feat-shopping mood?

I didn't actually expect Theran to be the one who took down Goroda -- mostly I had in mind to harry her until Baylor could get in a smite, and Kory, Kat, and Tyro could get their mitts on her. I was going to soften her up for the rest of the party. But the combination of haste + barbarian rage + some unusually good dice-rolling on my part turned him into a ferocious little pit-bull of a warrior mage. On the other hand, if she'd hit him one more time, he would have been killed on the spot -- so it was a pretty close thing!

Strange as it may sound, I actually wouldn't be upset if Theran went out fighting like that. There are some characters you play 'cause they're your alter-egos, and some that you play 'cause you need a character, and Theran falls in this latter category for me. I think jamesbarrett would be more upset by Theran's loss than I would, because he has all kinds of plot ideas that tie in with Theran's self-appointed task of keeping the Seven Rods of Dominion out of the wrong people's (i.e., anybody's really) hands. I have another character idea that could take over that role should the day ever come, however.

Anyway, next weekend is AC, then the weekend after that, we're back to my game! I'm jazzed about getting back to it. I know that it's been hard for the players to get their bearings, because I've kept tossing them all around, taking their hard-earned loot away (although on at least one of those occasions, they did have a fighting chance to get it back), and talking about dumping the campaign for another, and I am sorry about that, guys. I won't do that again; in the past few weeks, I've really gotten a grip on what it's about and where I want it to go, and I'm going to make it up to you. Your characters can put down roots now, I promise that any more continent-crossing they do will be of their own free will.

That's it for tonight. :) G'nite all, and have an awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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