July 11th, 2005

Torey Rave

Reanimate Your Gneech!

Hooray for con bounce! Summer or no summer, I'm bouncy and energized today, and it's a good thing, too -- MFM is only SEVEN WEEKS AWAY and I've got to crank out a metric boatload of art and such to get to them.

I wanna send out some shout-outs to mammallamadevil, benbear, graveyardgreg, tchall, Derrik Dasenbrock and invisiblewolf, and of course Vince, for being so much fun to hang out with -- and for letting me hang out with them! I would also like to send out an extra handful of "Thank you!" to susandeer, who made a point of making sure I had much silly fun on the heels of my "summer depression" post last week. Your efforts were not in vain, nor were they unappreciated! :)

I have wonderful friends. ^.^

Today, I'm endeavoring to make sure I can get enough done in the morning to allow me to go with the brilliant and adorable laurie_robey to see the 1:30 showing of Raiders of the Lost Ark at the AFI cinema in Silver Spring. So I guess I'd better get off of LJ and get onto that, eh?

That reminds me, tygercowboy, I need to catch you online sometime soon to go over some MFM stuff!

-The Gneech
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Yue Bishonen

Con Casualty

On Friday morning, I pulled out my little Rubbermaid container that held my beloved, gray kneaded eraser and put it on the table in the dealer's room ... by Friday night, I had no clue where it was, and I still don't. I had assumed that I'd just put it somewhere "out of the way" and it would turn up when I packed up the table or emptied my backpack this morning, but no luck.

I sorta feel like the 5th Doctor when the sonic screwdriver got blasted -- "It's like I've lost an old friend!" It was just a little gray lump of clay, inherited from laurie_robey many years ago when I was working on the original NeverNever strips, but there was a lot of art tied up with that little gray lump.

Farewell, kneaded eraser! I hope you find a good home. But now I need to go over to the art supply store.

-The Gneech
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Kero asleep

Two Strips In One Day? Egads! 'n'stuff

Well, we didn't get to Raiders today, but we will be going to the 7:30 show tomorrow night. Among other things, that means that I had to make sure Wednesday's strip was done tonight -- and it is!

Have I said "Hooray for con bounce!" lately?

On a semi-related note, it's an interesting side-effect of the "different sizes for different species" policy of Suburban Jungle that Brody's relative shortness compared to Dover makes me think of him as a "kid," even though he's not actually that much younger than the average cast member (he's roughly Comfort's age).

Of course, his wide-eyed, eager energy makes him seem young and innocent, which adds to that "kid" feeling. And compared to Leonard, who is looking with serious intent at 40 in the not-too-distant future, Brody is a kid, so I suppose it makes sense.

I actually like Brody quite a bit. I introduced him partially on a whim, but with a particular role in mind for him to play in the story ... it'll be interesting to see if he actually steps into that role, or balks like so many of my characters are prone to doing. But even if he does, he's still good to have around: his high-strung and enthusiastic nature is ready-made for bouncy fun. :)

Ah well, I'm still dragging from the con and need to catch up on sleep, so goodnight, world! Hope you have an awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech
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