July 14th, 2005

Le Pew

Today's Forgotten English

hot spong
A sudden power of heat from the sun emerging from a cloud; Eastern England.
--James Halliwell's Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, 1855

Dog Days of Summer
These begin on July 3 and continue to August 11. They derive their name from the heliacal rising and setting of Sirius, the dog-star. ... We must look to Egypt for the origin of the observance of these days. The rising of Sirius coincided in ancient times with the summer solstice and the overflowing of the Nile, and as [this flooding] was considered the source of the fertility of Egypt, the period was regarded as sacred, and the influence of the dog-star was deemed peculiarly auspicious. The superstititous feelings generated in Egypt with regard to the dog-days gradually spread throughout the world, and made themselves felt. But, while the rising of the dog-star was the harbinger of prosperity to the Egyptian, it was just the reverse to the Roman, who looked upon the dog-days as unfortunate ... coming as they did in the most unhealthy period of the year.
--William Walsh's Curiosities of Popular Customs, 1897

Well, when it comes to the ancients, I'm generally pretty pro-Egypt, but I gotta go with the Romans on this one.

-The Gneech
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Torey Rave

*dances around like a loon*

This may not seem exciting to you, but it's a big deal to me: last night, I got next Monday's strip drawn.

Why's that exciting, you ask? Two reasons. First, it means I don't have to do it Sunday night! Second, it means that I'm inching my way ahead again! Granted, it's only one day ahead, and it's entirely possible --given the boatload of stuff I have to do this weekend-- that the teeny-weeny lil' buffer won't last beyond Monday. But really, it's the symbolism of the thing, more than anything.

For the past month or two, as the summer drained my energy like a car battery, I went from having a buffer of weeks in scripts and days in actual drawn strips, to frantically drawing a strip to go up later that same day. Yuck. That in itself is a massive creativity-squasher: you don't want to draw anything too elaborate (such as backgrounds or interesting layouts) because you don't want to take the time to research it and get it right ... so you end up drawing a lot of talking heads, and getting bored with the work, which then stifles your creativity more ... it's a nasty tailspin.

Alas, I'm not going to be able to aggressively grow the buffer as fast as I'd like now that it's budding; this weekend I've got to make some real progress on art for MFM, I'm probably going to be helping my parents move again (*shudder*), and of course I'm slated to run D&D Saturday night. But there is some hope: most (if not all) of the MFM art will end up doubling as Saturday Grab Bag images, and if I'm lucky tonight I can do a little scripting and get at least one MFM piece done. So assuming I spend Saturday getting ready for D&D, and Sunday afternoon helping my parents, that means that Sunday night I can try to draw for Wednesday. It won't grow the buffer, maybe, but it will at least maintain it!

-The Gneech
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Van Helsing No D

Man, It's Dark In Here @.@

Another bulb bites the dust on this halogen floor lamp. So now the question is: new bulb, or new lamp? I don't like the "fragile as a butterfly and ever-ready to BURNINATE YOUR HOUSE" nature of the thing, but on the other hand, it's probably the second brightest lamp I've ever seen.

Gah, decisions, decisions.

And dark. Right where I need to see to draw.


-The Gneech
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Kero asleep

Net Results...

Monday's strip posted for katayamma to color ... check.

New lamp to replace halogen fire hazard ... check.

New Ramses button design colored w/ Trias (w00t) and mostly finished ... check.

Replacement prints for huskyteer received ... check.

Scripts ... nope.

Well four out of five ain't bad! G'nite all. :)

-The Gneech
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