July 27th, 2005

Kero asleep

Random Stuff

1) Happy birthday, xydexx!

2) Happy belated birthday, invisiblewolf!

3) I almost typed "happy bleated birthday" just now.

4) I've spent a lot of money on miniatures by mail over the past week. With the exception of a decent beholder, I now have pretty much all the figs I want from the D&D and LotR collectible miniatures games. It was a lot of money to drop on a hobby that I only get to partake in for a few hours once a month ... but sometimes picking up minis or supplements has to stand in as my "gaming fix" 'cause actually gaming isn't a realistic possibility.

5) The amount of money I spent is probably about the amount I'd spend shopping for minis at Dragon*Con, actually, so this may also be a case of "buying minis standing in for attending D*C" too.

6) There is no No. 6.

7) I need to stop spending money for a while. The California trip was expensive, and my finances are still rebuilding from that. Although, with the exception of airfare to MFM and a nice berfday prezzie for laurie_robey, I'm pretty well set for stuff in the immediate future anyway now that the minis are out of the way.

-The Gneech

EDIT: 8) Anybody else out there who's into the collectible RPG minis, where do you go to trade/buy/sell figs? I still have a bunch of figs I want to part with, and I'm still trying to get a beholder or two, so I'm looking to connect with somebody who's also in the market!
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