September 10th, 2005

Hong Kong Phooey

I'm Not Dead! I'm Getting Better! I Feel Happyyyyy...

Well, I still have some congestion and a bit of a cough, but I'm not achey and mentally befogged today, so I suspect that I'm on the mend. Except for the unwanted trespassers in my throat, I feel pretty close to normal.

Since the weather reports kept going on and on about how there was a cold front coming through and it was going to be beautiful, laurie_robey and I took a walk around Lake Thoreau, only to discover that reports of weather's niceness were greatly exaggerated. It's still something like 754% humidity out there, technically speaking more humid than a mile below the ocean surface, and just slightly more uncomfortable. Summer is holding on by the tips of its horrid fingernails -- I wish I could figure out some way to kick it in the face, while saying "I! Have had! Enough of YOU!" so that it would let go and plummet into the lava below.

I don't like summer. In case you didn't know.

Time for a shower!

-The Gneech
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The Petunias Were Right

The first time Waify Savant Girl showed up on the Serenity pilot, all chased by Da Eeeebil Gummint Conspearasee, I immediately thought, "Oh no, not again."

So tonight, we watched the first actual episode of Firefly, "The Train Job." It was enjoyable enough, except that every few minutes it would be interrupted by Waify Savant Girl and Da Eeeebil Gummint Conspearasee, and every time that happened, I thought, "Oh no, not again."

I have a feeling the whole series is going to be like this. -.-

Oh well, I'll try to enjoy the parts that don't have Waify Savant Girl in them.

-The Gneech
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