September 18th, 2005


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In order to make life easier, or at least one tiny part of it easier, I have gone back and put navigation links in the Brigid and Greg entries. It includes various commentaries and sideline posts, but it doesn't include praeriedog's analysis, 'cause I can't edit his entries. ;) I will link to them, tho! First one here, second one here.

So now, you can start at the beginning and read 'em all through, or use the navigation links to go backwards and forwards as you please.

Thrill! to Brigid ticking somebody off in Latin!

Gasp! as Greg gives the world a hug!

Boggle! at Brigid and Greg in Middle Earth!

-The Gneech

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Mad Red

How the Other Half Lives

I'm sure that many or most of the people reading this are familiar with the famous Caring For Your Introvert article. Well, I just happened upon an interesting reaction to it from the POV of an extrovert, called "An Extrovert Speaks (Quelle Suprise)." It's an interesting read -- I particularly liked the use of instant messaging as a common ground where introverts and extroverts can "talk" without driving each other nuts. (Be warned tho -- in true extrovert style, it's pretty wordy.)

-The Gneech
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