September 20th, 2005


When It Rains It Snows

Apparently, computers hate me. :P Or at least, my one at home does.

I've been trying without success since last night to:

a) Send outgoing e-mail
b) Upload yesterday's strip to Keenspot
c) Upload yesterday's strip to since I couldn't reach Keenspot

Success at any of 'em? Nope. I did manage to connect to, which is the only reason yesterday's strip is up in the community. However, that establishes that it's not me, or at least not just me, because I could connect to Hikaru's servers.

Just nobody else's. ¬.¬

So I copied my outgoing mail from Outlook's "outgoing mail" folder to the Comcast web interface, and I paged Gav at Keenspot.

Tiddly pom.

-The Gneech

UPDATE: Well, I can connect at work, so it must be either my machine, or Comcast. Strip's up finally, everybody! Yaaay. :)
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I have pulled the Fictionlet I posted today, because on reflection I wasn't satisfied with it. I have a better use for its elements, which I'll do later.

-The Gneech
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Vote Six

Surprise, Surprise

I wondered about the accuracy, since I kept seeing "Socialist" all over my friends list.

Collapse )

Guess I just know a lot of socialists. Oh well.

-The Gneech

PS: My entry for "If I could make anything law it would be..." was "I would replace mandatory taxation with pledge drives." That single change would wipe out about 50% of my beefs with the government. Really, replacing mandatory participation all around would pretty much wipe out the other 50%, too.
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