September 27th, 2005

Kero Magic Whupass


"They were provoking me," snarled Brigid, who stared out the car window with her arms crossed.

"Well, yes," said Greg. "Obviously, I sympathise, and anybody who deliberately plays 'Puff the Magic Dragon' is clearly asking for it. But surely you could have chosen a less extreme reaction? Like maybe just switching the power button to 'off.'"

"Lacks finality," said Brigid.

"Maybe so, but you must realize that it will be months -- if ever -- before they let you back in that restaurant."

"I'm not going back to any friggin' restaurant that willingly plays 'Puff the Magic Dragon' at me!" she snapped.

Greg nodded, understandingly. He'd long felt the same way, himself.

-The Gneech

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And Then, Gneech Went "Squee!"

I think I've mentioned before that I go "Squee!" when I get packages that say "Royal Mail" on them; last night, I had another opportunity to do so when my order of backissues 10-23 (I think, it's something of a ramshackle collection) of The Chap arrived. I was slightly surprised to find it was a thinnish, digest-size publication. I'd actually been expecting it to be a thinnish, letter-size one.

So far, I've read Issue 23, and to use the appropriate idiom, I found it jolly diverting. ;) If a bit surreal.

-The Gneech, who tries to be jolly diverting but a bit surreal himself
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