October 14th, 2005



Greg blinked. "What do you mean, you're staying for a couple of days?"

"Well of course I am!" said Uncle Bob. "If you think I'm paying $50 a night for some motel, you're crazy!"

"You know I have a roommate, right?" said Greg. "It's not like I can just announce to her, 'Oh by the way, my uncle is sleeping on the couch...'"

"Sleeping on the couch? What kind of hospitality is that?"

Greg narrowed his eyes. "Really, Uncle Bob. You can't just show up on my doorstep without so much as a phone call and--"

"I knew I could count on you," said Bob, dropping what appeared to be a duffel bag filled with dirty laundry. "And anyway, you can be assured, that I'd do the same for you, anytime. Any time!" He headed for the door, presumably to get another bag.

"I don't want you to do the same for me!" Greg objected, following him out the door. "Besides the fact that your place is a ramshackle that makes me feel like I need a shower after I've stepped foot in it, I have a little thing called 'manners' that makes the idea of thrusting my presence on other people an abhorrent notion."

"Nonsense, boy, I wouldn't mind a bit! We're family! You can depend on me."

"That is so not the point."

"Well then, what is?"

Greg stopped, put his hand over his eyes, and sighed. Then he said, "Have I mentioned that I have a roommate?"

"I'm sure that I'll like her just fine," said Bob, already going down the stairs.

Greg shook his head in sheer wonder. "Is there anything you can't twist into being all about you?"

Bob looked back at him, confused. "You mean there are things that aren't?"

-The Gneech

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Boromir battle


Well, I posted a while back that I've been missing painting miniatures. So periodically I've been going over to Game Parlor and gettin' some, for painting purposes. One, a gnome wizard who will take the role of Digglet Pindernipper, Recurring NPC, has been sitting half-painted since last November, and I just finished him (except for the protective lacquer coat) this evening. I also finished a green slime (not exactly a painting challenge, that one) earlier this week, and have been doing bits and pieces of about five other figures in off-moments in the evening over the course of the past week.

(This was, among other things, one of the reasons I put out the call for guest strips -- to have evenings for a couple of weeks! Most of the time, I get a Saturday afternoon and a Sunday morning, and the rest of the time I'm spent chained to the drawing table.)

Tonight, I picked up and primed a "surprise" figure that I want to finish in the next week, so I can spring it on the players at the next game. Once that's out of the way and there's no spoiler, I'll post photos for those who are interested. My mini-painting skills have come quite a way, actually. Still not as good as these guys by a loooong mile ... but I'm slogging my way there.

Using the "1,000 crap drawings" analogy, I'm somewhere around 577 or so.

-The Gneech
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