October 23rd, 2005



Well, my D&D group has arrived at the halfling village with the giant bee problem, source of the addictive wine that made things so peculiar last time. They've checked out the hive (in a covered bridge near the town) and done enquiries around the town -- not to mention advertising the group's fighter, Dragor, as being generally the greatest flying-bug-slayer since Jack killed five flies with one blow. Through investigation and good roleplaying, they've also worked out that there's something funny going on -- which was confirmed when bees attempted to smash into their rooms at the tavern in the middle of the night.

This, being mighty peculiar behavior for bees, even giant ones, definitely got their attention. This battle came to a screeching halt when jamesbarrett's wizard lobbed a fireball out the window, frying two of the bees to a crisp and sending one survivor buzzing off into the night with 2 hit points left -- and unfortunately, setting the tavern roof on fire!

I had warned Frisk that he'd catch the building in the radius, and said he'd risk it. As bizarre a notion as it may sound, I did give the building a saving throw ... but let's just say that taverns are not exactly known for having a Reflex save. But this is where the teamwork part came in: Frisk had his wizard cast haste on herself and run down to the alley below, grab the tavern's rain barrel, and come running back up the rooms, at which point laurie_robey's rogue quaffed the potion of spider climb she'd been saving for months and carried the barrel out the window and up to the roof, dousing the flames. This was then capped off by the wizard casting a mending spell that fixed the damage, so that aside from the bee-broken windows, the tavern's in as good, if not better, shape than it was when the attack happened.

This went a long way towards keeping them from being evicted by the landlord -- although the real credit for that goes to pholph's dazzling display of B.S. that confused the poor hobbit so much that he went downstairs to get a drink and completely forgot to kick them out.

In the morning, camstone figured out what had happened to make the bees come after them (royal jelly planted in their rooms), as well as how the stuff had got there, as well as figuring out the basics of the method that somebody used to get rid of the town sheriff.

They're now poised to dig further into the situation, which will happen next time. All in all, it was a good session. :)

-The Gneech
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