October 31st, 2005

Mad Red

Jeeves & Wooster, Wallace & Gromit, Brigid & Greg

laurie_robey and I have been married 12 years as of today, so we took the day off from work. Among the various things we did was to go see Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit again. It's a terrific flick, in case I haven't mentioned it ... go see it! The sequence where Gromit's got the Were-Rabbit lassoed to the car and chasing him through town (and subsequently under town) is just an outright great action sequence ... the fact that it's funny all the way through and done in Claymation just adds to how impressive it is.

An observation that struck me the first time we watched the film, and one that I'd been sort of coming to over the years of watching the shorts, is that the Wallace & Gromit dynamic is similar to that of Bertie Wooster and Jeeves ... Bertie is the bouncy, not-all-there "face" of the pair, while Jeeves quietly-and-without-fuss fixes everything in the background and keeps life operating smoothly. But if you replace "Bertie" with "Wallace" and "Jeeves" with Gromit, you have just as apt a summary.

I did, for a while, have the idea of Brigid and Greg operating with a similar dynamic, and there are times when that model could work for them, but as time has passed I've come to see B&G in a relationship a little more like Tom and Diana from Waiting for God. Brigid is not a "fixer," her attitude towards things is "my way or the highway." And Greg isn't a nitwit ... he's just unflinchingly eccentric.

As I come up with ideas for longer narratives based on B&G, the first and most obvious plot I come up with has tended to be, "Greg gets himself into some sort of a jam thanks to his tenuous grasp on the world around him, and Brigid must bail him out of it. Hijinks ensue." My current frontrunner in the realm of B&G ideas is more or less built along these lines, and it's not a bad idea overall, although it definitely has issues. But before I commit to this as being the One True First B&G Novel (so to speak), I want to come up with a handful of other ideas and see where they lead me.

I am curious, tho, for all you B&G readers out there: what would you like to see in a B&G story?

-The Gneech
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