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November 5th, 2005

G'day, Bruce! [artwork]

My buddy Bruce, a.k.a. "Vlk," over at Plan 9 Publishing, asked me to do some pics of his furry persona for their "Furry Corner" feature. Well, only a million years later, I finally finished up a few pieces!

Literary wuffage.Collapse )

The reference pic he gave me was very stylized, so I couldn't quite tell if Vlk was supposed to be hunchbacked or just very fluffy ... so I sorta tried to have it both ways. ;) It was also in black and white, so I had to create my own palette. Knowing what a big Drezzer Wolf fan Bruce is, I decided to use Drezzer's palette as a basis.

We'll see if he likes it!

-The Gneech

Darn You, bauske!

Those of you who know bauske know that he has a feature that I can only describe in my manly and rugged way as "adorable." ;) Specifically, he finds random things to be SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!!

For instance, while chatting with him some time back about Kung Fu, I commented that one of the techniques used in KF training is to start out punching pads, then sand, then boards, then bricks -- and that the repetitive breaking-down and repairing of your muscular and skeletal structure made your bones get progressively denser.

To this, he immediately replied, "OMG that is so cool! I want dense bones! I wanna take Kung Fu!!!"

Well, fast-forward to today, upon which I woke up and going through my head was the voice of Dr. Reanimator, singing:

"Move your dense bones, bones, bones!
Move your dense bones, bones, bones!"

I blame YOU, bauske!

*shakes his head vigorously for several minutes to make the bad voices go 'way!*

-The Gneech

Wrinkle-Free [artwork]

This is an idea I had a while back and finally decided to put to paper tonight. It needs a little work still (if nothing else, I need to BREAK my habit of leaving off feet), but I'm fairly pleased with the rough...

Leonard fans, this one's for you!Collapse )

Suggestions? Comments? If the final product is good enough, it may go towards a portfolio idea I've been knocking around for sometime next year.

-The Gneech

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