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November 12th, 2005


Greg's voice rung out through the apartment; there was nothing subtle about this performance. He was belting it out with every fiber of his being. "Ebrio quid faciamus nauta? Ebrio quid faciamus nauta? Ebrio quid faciamus nauta? Hora mutatina!"

Brigid sat blinking in her bed, her book suddenly forgotten, then was suddenly up on her feet and heading out into the living room. Greg was sitting at the table, typing away furiously on some piece of writing, casually belting out "What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor?" in Latin.

"Euge! Et spumat salum! Euge! Et spumat salum! Euge! Et spumat salum! Hora mutatina!"

She couldn't help herself; she suddenly broke into riotous laughter.

-The Gneech

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Mini-Workout Report -- Busy Day!

Okay, it's just about 2:00 in the afternoon, and I've done the following today:

  • Colored and posted Suburban Jungle strips for Monday and Wednesday

  • Created and posted a newsbox for SJ that will hopefully run on Monday

  • Briskly walked around Lake Thoreau with laurie_robey -- roughly an hour's walk

  • Written and posted a Fictionlet

Oy! I'm pooped! I think I'll goof off for a little while before it's time to head over to run D&D.

-The Gneech

A Giant What?

Gaming was fun. :) They met Druthudd, the hill giant beekeeper -- which came as quite a shock to them all. ;) They also did battle with an umber hulk, woohoo!

More hobbitey, wine-swilling fun all around. Now I have to come up with the next devious plan for the dastardly villains to employ. ;)

-The Gneech

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