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November 17th, 2005

Hmm ... I Wonder...

There's a column on Websnark today about sexuality in GPF, the psychology of it, how it's presented and what it represents, etc.

I always find this kind of thing fascinating, and of course I find myself wondering what people would say about Suburban Jungle on the topic. SJ is famously and unashamedly a sounding board for me to work stuff out in, but chopped and channeled and put into a form that gives it a life of its own, rather than just being my own personal "Me, my, mine, me my me!" trip. One thing I've definitely noticed is that SJ tends to be all about the thing left unsaid, the thing said but misinterpreted, the thing said and completely ignored, or the thing that just plain got screwed up. I wonder what that says about me? (Aside from the obvious point that I'm pretty tangled up in spots, often have trouble communicating, and tend to leave a lot unsaid.)

But I also wonder about the outsider's view of it all. I mentioned a while back mammallamadevil's very kind comments about SJ's "pro-woman" stance, for instance, which took me rather by surprise. I wouldn't say that "pro-woman" is inaccurate, but it's also not something I think much about when I'm writing the strip. It's just where I'm coming from as a baseline, so to speak. People on the outside bring their own whole set of different assumptions and interpretations, and I'm always fascinated at where and how their worldview and my own intersect -- and diverge.

-The Gneech

*bops around*

Dee-no, diii-no
do dah do dah do
you're a sweet little dinosaur
Dee-no, diii-no
do dah do dah do
you're a pink little dinosaur...

-The Gneech

PS: Is it MFF yet?

Thursday Workout Report

Well, my weight is extremely consistent. I'd think the scale was stuck, except it's a digital. ¬.¬

Let's see the numbers, Frank!Collapse )

Everything was fairly easy, except the seated lateral shoulder raise, which is still improving, but still works the muscle to the failure point. Next week, the rope pushdowns, reverse curl, and barbell bent over rows will "click over" to the next highest weight, and I've added a lying cable crossover to the Sunday workout to work my lats. Of course, this week, the Sunday workout will be whatever I can arrange at MFF, so we'll see.

One bit of development: my forearms are firming up (and growing). I feel like Popeye. ;P (Not so much that it would be visible to the outside observer, but I can tell the difference.)

-The Gneech

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