November 20th, 2005

Kero asleep

Back From MFF!


  • Hung out with Vince, T'Chall, Bauske, Ben (not Ben Bear), Ben Bear (not the other Ben), Derrick Dasenbrock, Spiritwolf, Kuddlepup, BJ Buttons, LKCMSL, Sheperdwolf, Confused00, Adam Fullerton, Redkam, and lots of other people whose identities are rapidly slipping through the cracks in my brain as I fall asleep against my will. I love you all! Virtual group hug! ^.^ I even got to see WalksAmongStars for a few minutes, which only happens like every 20 months or so. (Sorry I couldn't make the post-con dinner, dude, I would have loved to, but I was on a plane!) Oh, and I met Leona!

  • Special hung-out-with mention goes out to "The Artist Formerly Known as Herbie." I bring this up particularly because once I was such a stuttering fanboy that I could barely bring myself to stay in the room and say hello to the guy, much less sit at a table and exchange ironic looks as we're accosted by the Fanboy From Hell. (Herbie The Unknown Artist was also very complimentary about my writing, which is always an ego boost. Thanks, dude!)

  • I drew Slim the Jackalope! And a largish art piece for Wielder! And a bit of i.s.o. fanart for Vince's sketchbook! And a badge for Hallan! And a couple of other random sketches which are also falling through the cracks in my brain.


  • I seem to have lost another wedding ring, unless Ben Bear finds it in the room. -.- Argh! I take it off to go through the metal detectors at the airport and put it in my wallet, but my wallet is in such a deteriorated condition that it must have escaped. Le sigh! I'm not depressed about this one the way I was about last time, because the one I lost that time was the actual wedding ring, not a replacement. But crikey, I don't wanna be replacing wedding rings every five years!

  • Yappy Fox got hit by a car! 0.o He's alive and nursing some contusions and a limp, but fortunately seems to have escaped without broken bones or anything. He was looking much better today than Saturday, fortunately. Get well soon, Yappy! (I realize that Yappy barely knows who I am, but still, he's just one of those people you've gotta admire. So I wish him well!)

  • I didn't get to any dances! Although from what I heard, it doesn't sound like I missed much.

All in all, I had a great time, except for the wedding ring problem. I still have to connect with Confused00 and work out the final numbers for the dealer table, send a check to Ben Bear for the room, connect with Max Blackrabbit for the pic I commished but had to leave before it was done, and call the hotel to see if anybody turned in a gold ring to lost and found.

G'nite, everybody, and have an awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech
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