November 21st, 2005


Ya Sidewindin' Bushwacker! [artwork]

Sunday morning, tchall wandered over to the shopping mall across from the hotel to have breakfast at Starbucks, but we got there 20 minutes before they were ready to open. 0.o At that point, I happened to remember that I'd wanted to draw Slim the Jackalope at the con, and so I sat down at one of the tables and banged this out while we waited...

Collapse )

I didn't have any of my earlier pics for reference, so some of the details are off, especially his facial markings (and lack of buck teeth) -- I'll have to fix that sometime this week. He's also supposed to have a bandana, but that's not as big a deal. I'm pleased with it, overall. Slim is a fun character, I'm going to have to do more with him. He doesn't fit in Suburban Jungle, alas, but I'll find some way to use him!

-The Gneech
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Speaking of Jackalopes...

I wrote a poem a couple of years ago, called IIRC "The Jackalope," and posted it somewhere. It could have been a forum, could have been a USENET group, it could have been my LJ -- I just can't remember.

Unfortunately, I can't remember where it was, and I wish I could find it. I tried lots of different combinations in Google, including hard-quote-searched blocks of text I remembered, but to no avail.

Anybody happen to know either a) where it is, or b) some other way I can look?

-The Gneech

EDIT: FOUND! by russ_arulo! Well done! Thanks!