November 22nd, 2005


Where The Action Is

More thoughts on Yerf's absence, and on art communities in general. One of my all-time favorite things about Yerf was that there was always something new to be found, by simply clicking on the "Recent Uploads" page. Given Yerf's fairly stringent (if sometimes unevenly-distributed) requirements, you could generally be confident that the stuff that appeared there would be pretty good, and due to Yerf's liveliness (for lack of a better term), you could be pretty sure that a daily check would net you something worth looking at.

This is one of the things I miss the most, actually, is the daily shot-in-the-arm of inspiration. My artistic ability thrives when surrounded by creative input, and tends to flounder when left in isolation -- which is a major reason I'm such a con-hound. So I've been looking for an alternate place to find that fix.

Artvark, alas, is officially "retiring," so that is kind of a wash. YNA seems to be picking up a bit, so I'll be checking that regularly now. I try to check out DeviantArt periodically, but the navigation there ranges from "incredibly confusing" to "completely incomprehensible," with occasional stops at "INTENSELY FRUSTRATING!!!" ... so I tend to avoid it. (Wow, I miss the simplicity of Yerf!) Too bad, too, 'cause there's some nice stuff there. VCL, of course, is not browsable at work -- and only barely browseable at home without my eyes melting. (Thus, I'm grateful to people like doodlesthegreat who post "VCL Picks of the Day." Speaking of which, happy birthday, Doodles!)

There is also furryartists, but that tends to be more "I have an auction up!" announcements than actual art posts -- and even those are only two or three a month.

I know there's still art out there being made, and good stuff, too! It's just a matter of finding it.

-The Gneech
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Tuesday Workout Report

Well, I ended up doing little more than extra walking on Sunday ... the MFF hotel gym was less than stellar by all reports and I didn't want to go to it by myself anyway. But I have Friday off from work, which is usually a no-exercise day, so I'll just do my would-have-been-Sunday workout then.

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I'm glad the intensity is going up next week ... I could barely feel this one. I'm guessing the break between Thursday night and tonight was enough to let my muscles pump up a bit. My weight is definitely not cooperating, however. I did eat a little more recklessly at the con than I would at home, but not that much. Didn't drink any soda, didn't do any snacking except for a small grab of potato chips. Probably the worst thing I had in terms of nutrition was the appetizer-sampler lunch at Houlihan's, and even that I left a third of it behind.

But, y'know, my body's a bastard. ;P

Next week may also be the schedule shift, in which case I may start the jogging then as well. If that happens, my schedule will probably be to jog M-W-F, and do Bowflex T-Th-Su, with Saturday off.

-The Gneech
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