November 24th, 2005

Shaoran Action

Thursday Workout Report, Turkey Day Edition!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to goodluckfox, maxgoof and raka!

Second of all, Happy "Totally Unremarkable Thursday November 24th" to all my friends outside the U.S.! (I'm frequently amazed at just how many of you there are, these days!)

Third of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everybody else! ^.^ Hope it's filled with lots of good stuff. :)

Now, on to the workout report!

I didn't have a workout generated for today, because I'm going to start a new set next week with some different numbers. Collapse )

laurie_robey and I spoke to Dan, and we will be starting the 9:30 - 6:00 schedule at work on Monday, so next week, I start jogging again.

Oh boy. 0.o My favorite thing EVAR.

It'll be interesting!

-The Gneech

PS: Hey, bauske! You're mighty quiet over there!!! Do you need poking?
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