November 25th, 2005

Me Barbarian

Workout Report, Special Last Sunday Done Today Edition!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, silussa!

Second off, today I did the workout that I would have done Sunday if I hadn't been at MFF. Collapse )

The Lying Cable Crossover was the only exercise from the "whole body" set that wasn't in the set I'd put together before, so I just added it in. My lats could stand some firming up anyway! This is the Sunday set, so it took me a whole hour to do.

Off to da showers!

-The Gneech
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Mad Red

The Tall Guy

I was tempted to start this post with "I'll never look at Emma Thompson's bottom the same way again," except that as I had never before looked at Emma Thompson's bottom, it's something of a moot point.

Anyway, tonight, on Vince's recommendation, I watched The Tall Guy, which is a Richard Curtis romantic comedy in the vein of a Woody Allen movie. Like right down to the neurotic, self-aware voice-overs. It was a fun and silly little movie by the same crowd who made Four Weddings and Funeral, which promptly went in without a splash in this country and sank straight to the bottom (the metaphorical bottom, not Emma Thompson's bottom). Vince likes to spring this particular flick on his Britcom-loving friends, because few or none of them have heard of it. I certainly hadn't. But it's a movie that's known largely for (A) having one of the silliest sex scenes ever filmed -- with Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson doing a lot of romping around naked -- and (B) for "Elephant!," [1] a dramatic musical adaptation of The Elephant Man.

On the ol' Hollywood stars rating, I'd have to give this one 3 out of 5. The funny bits are indeed very funny, but the overall plot does a lot of wandering around, and the big "Boy Loses Girl" crisis feels forced and out-of-the-blue. Jeff Goldblum's "big mistake" that causes the third act crisis seems completely out of character with his behavior during the whole first half of the movie. Also, the whole "channelling Woody Allen" bit was a little overdone. This is fairly early in Richard Curtis' career, and you can tell that he's looking around for a voice. All of his usual strengths are there, they're just saddled with a few notable weaknesses.

But yeah, the sex scene is funny. You can't take that away from them!

-The Gneech

[1] I have no idea what the style guide has to say about the punctuation in a case like this, so I'm winging it.
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