December 3rd, 2005

Legolas Nah

Channelling Ken CleanAirSystem

Gaming was fun. :) Would you believe they ended up allying with the hill giant (sort of) and slaying hobbits?

The thing of it was, the giant wasn't actually bothering anybody, while the hobbits in question were either murderers, accessories, or hired goons.

Parleying with the giant was particularly fun; he was a 2nd level druid with a unique ability to command vermin, so he was tough and canny -- but not particularly bright. So at any given time, about half of what pholph said to him went flying right over his shaggy head. By negating him as a threat, even tho they didn't actually fight him, they got the full experience for the encounter -- they just didn't get to ransack his lair for loot.

jamesbarrett's wizard also had a particularly bizarre encounter with ... something. Or perhaps it was a vision. Or maybe she's just going nuts. When the cult of the forbidden god of insanity is floating around, you can never be quite sure just what is going on.

Still, aside from that one bit of weirdness, and the grim slaughter of a handful of hobbit criminals, the adventure was quaint, light-hearted adventure all around.

The next one ... well ... is going to be a bit more troublesome.

-The Gneech
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