December 15th, 2005



As the song says, the weather outside is frightful. So laurie_robey and I decided to head home at lunchtime and work remotely before all the roads were covered in freezing rain.

As we were riding home, walksamongstars sent me a text message throwing a snowball at me!

This perked me up so much that I decided to share the joy. Plus, the way the white stuff was flurrying its way out of the sky, it only seemed appropriate.

So to all you people randomly receiving snowballs via your cellphone, I must apologize. But Walks made me do it. ;)

-The Gneech
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Torey Rave

Thursday Workout Report (Oops I Did It Again Edition)

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Once again demonstrating that I weigh more at night. -.-

Remember those Rope Pushdowns that my muscles just-plain-failed on yesterday morning? Tonight I blazed through them so easily that I just naturally assumed I must have another set and did an extra 10 reps. Sing hey for rapid muscular development! 0.o

Speaking of which, the visible changes are pretty noticeable now, particularly on my shoulders, traps, and arms. I'm also getting some firming around the thighs, which sorta surprised me given that the only exercises I have that actually work the legs at all are the rows and the Resisted Reverse Crunches -- and even then the leg work is secondary to the back and abs, respectively.

I think that next week, I'll bump up the weight on the rows by 5 lbs each. The cooldown set in particular, I can barely even tell I'm doing it. (The point of a cooldown is, of course, to cool down -- but rows @ 30 lbs barely have enough resistance to pull me back to the starting point.)

Week Six has been a good week, workout-wise. :) It's very encouraging to both see and feel some dramatic progress -- not to mention I'm more than a little proud that I haven't missed a workout yet, despite some of RL's best efforts.

-The Gneech
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