December 17th, 2005


Accio LiveJournal!

Saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with laurie_robey today. Liked it better than Prisoner of Azkaban but not quite as much as Chamber of Secrets. Was glad I read the book first 'cause plot was so crammed in, like a journal post with no subject in any sentence.

Thinking about doing a "U.S.A. National Quidditch Team" costume for Dragon*Con.

Gaming tonight. Will be bringing Christmas prezzies for camstone and pholph since we won't see them again 'til January probably.

Really need a nap before then; not going to have a chance to get one, tho. Need to sign and mail a bazillion Christmas cards. So leaving subjects out of sentences to save time.

Later, everybody!

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Boromir battle

Yay For Dungeon Crawling!

Second session of jamesbarrett's sideline D&D game was fun. :) No great challenges, but some of the backstory is starting to appear. camstone impressed the heck out of everybody by frying an ambushing monster in mid-leap ... in the words of pholph: "You got it before the first bounce!"

Maynard ended up doing some of the talking for the party, which was a little out of character for him, but is just a role I often end up taking for whatever reason. Some of it is probably because I spend so much time creating scenarios, I have a pretty good idea of what makes up the important questions to ask of NPCs to get meaningful answers.

He still really needs to work on that Search skill, tho.

-The Gneech