December 28th, 2005


Okay, Time to Get Some Work Done!

I've got at least one big piece of art that needs doing this week, and I need to start banging out the FC badges. So to work I go!

Oh, wait, I'm at my job. So I've got to look busy while I work!

-The Gneech ;P
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Random Tempo Changes Are CHEATING!!!

I mean c'mon, we were on BEGINNER mode, for crying out loud!

laurie_robey had an unfortunate spill on the stairs this morning, so wasn't really up to the jumps anyway, but I gotta give her "The Ol' College Try Award" for going a good 20 minutes in "Workout Mode." When she couldn't stand any more, I put it into game mode and tried another few songs, and managed to get a "B" on "Wherever You Are" -- which is an easy song and I was in Beginner mode, but still, it's my second time on the game and the first time I've gotten better than a "D" so I'm happy.

But I gotta say, this "The arrows suddenly speed up! The arrows suddenly slow down!" thing is a dirty cheat, particularly in Beginner mode. How are you supposed to time THAT?

-The Gneech
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