January 4th, 2006

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Morning Miscellaneia

Bit 1:
From robin_d_laws: Are We Not Kids? Selling out? Or subverting the man? You decide.

Bit 2:
I mentioned yesterday Laurie's commenting on my arms. Well, I ran a status report in the "Bowflex iTrainer" software based on my workouts so far and the report said, among other things, that something like 60% of the work done so far has been on my arms and shoulders. Meanwhile, something like 10% has been chest and 5% abs. (About 15% was back.)

Well no wonder! 0.o The annoying thing about that is when I generated the workout, I put "upper body" as a target area -- which I would assume included chest and abs as well as arms, shoulders, and back. So as an experiment, I generated a new workout that targeted the chest, and it's a completely different setup. It has a larger number of exercises, with much heavier weights, but only one set of each. It has chest presses, resisted crunches, resisted punches, and so on.

I have to decide for next week, whether to keep doing the workouts I have been, or to switch to this new set.

-The Gneech
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