January 7th, 2006

Shaoran Action

Saturday Workout Report (Virtual Veronica Edition)

A problem with the Bowflex routine is that except for the rows, there's not much in the way of cardio workout there. It's all strength. And while strength training is a wonderful wonderful thing, it doesn't do much good to have big ol' Popeye arms if I can't climb a single flight of stairs without puffing like a steam engine, ya?

My original plan was to jog on off days, but since the shifted schedule didn't work, and I never feel up to jogging at night, I started looking for other options, including the DDR. If my goal is to go back to Kung Fu eventually, in particular, I need to get myself able to do a solid 15-minute run or jumping-jack type workout without collapsing in a heap.

To that end, with the generous permission of laurie_robey, I fired up her copy of Yourself!Fitness and created a "client account" for myself, setting up Saturday mornings as my cardio/weight workout. Alas, these are rather harder to make workout reports for, because the trackable data looks something like this:

     Calories burned: 388

Whee. :)

However, I can tell you this much: I was as winded at the end of this workout as I ever was at the end of a Kung Fu class. The main difference is that I was able to keep up with this workout, which is not true of Kung Fu class. Since I presume it increases the intensity over time, this looks like it will be a useful tool. And definitely less risky than jogging. 0.o

-The Gneech

PS: The virtual trainer gal is actually named "Maya," not "Veronica" -- but I like alliterative names. So sue me!
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