January 15th, 2006

Me Barbarian

T&T [gaming]

Tonight was Tunnels & Trolls night. Alas, pholph was sick and couldn't play tonight, but in his place we had guest star kamau_d_lyon in his place. We got started around 8:00, with everybody rolling up characters on the spot. laurie_robey went with a warrior, jamesbarrett and Kamau created rogues, and camstone made a wizard.

The scenario is a converted TSR module (N4: Treasure Hunt, written by the always-cool Aaron "CHAMPIONS Guru" Allston), doctored a bit to move to a homebrew setting (i.e., removing non-human kindreds, and changing the orcs and goblins to human pirates and smugglers, respectively). They got 3/5 of the way through the scenario, not bad for three and a half hours of gaming, and managed to do very well for the most part. We ended the session at a very handy break point (the characters, having been warned by a vision of Ishtar that they must flee the island before its imminent destruction and then fought off a ravenous ghoul, are now headed for Viledel's manor to find an escape craft -- and hopefully this "treasure" they keep hearing bandied about).

I'd very much like to finish the scenario sometime -- hopefully Kamau can make it back down again (or Jamie, Camstone, Laurie and I can make it up to New York) before too long. Even if that doesn't happen, tho, I am thinking of doing a similar setup with the regular group here for a secondary game of my own. T&T is a lot easier to get that Howardian sword-and-sorcery feel in than D&D is, without having all the number-crunching of the Conan d20 or other games -- and converting monsters and scenarios to T&T is a breeze. I did 100% of the necessary conversions for Treasure Hunt in about 4 hours, total. It'd be a great system to do a "vagabond adventuring mercenaries" type of campaign in, without requiring the carefully-structured progressions of D&D.

Action (and particularly combat) also moves screamingly fast in T&T compared to, say, Fantasy HERO, which is a big advantage!

-The Gneech
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Danger Lion

Sunday Workout Report (Evil Penguin Edition)

Today's workout was accompanied by Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers. Cracking fun!

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The seated lat rows are definitely too easy -- I'll bump the weight up a notch starting with the next workout. Now that I've got the machine configuration for the military press workout out, it's much easier too, so I'll probably bump it up a notch as well.

Also, putting the triceps pushdown and the narrow pulldown (the two exercises using the vertical bar) together did make life a lot easier when it came to reconfiguring the machine between sets. So I'll definitely stick with that.

-The Gneech
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