January 24th, 2006

Hong Kong Phooey

Tuesday Workout Report (Crazy Kendo Girl Edition)

Today is Recovery Day! So after napping until about 11:00 this morning, I've unpacked, done some laundry, and slapped in some Love Hina while I did my workout.

Since I had limited time on Sunday morning, I decided to do the smaller workout I would have done Thursday had I been home then, and did the longer Sunday workout today. This means that if I do today's workout tomorrow, I'll be back on schedule when I do Thursday's workout on Thursday.

That makes sense, right? ^.^ Well let's Collapse )

With a few notable exceptions, this workout seemed very easy; I don't know if it was because of the break between Tuesday and Sunday of last week, or because of the higher difficulty of using the gym machines on Sunday.

In deference to dilletante, I'm going to set the deadlift difficulty up a notch the rest of this week. Next week, I'm also going to crank up the leg press to at least 100 lbs. I could barely feel it!

-The Gneech
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