January 27th, 2006

Mad Red

While I'm Wishing Happy Birthdays...

Happy 250th birthday, W. A. Mozart! For your present, here's Today's Forgotten English!

Apparently a blend of expunge and impugn.
--Louise Pound's Second Word List from Nebraska, c. 1916

Birthday of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832-1898), better known as Lewis Carroll. Besides being the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, he might have been the first to intentionally produce a "portmanteau word," two words interwoven to make one. In Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There (1871), he coined chortle, the enduring blend of chuckle and snort. Since then, many portmanteau words have turned up, particularly in America, such as infanticipate (to anticipate a baby's birth), coined by the gossip columnist Walter Winchell. Others from the early decades of the twentieth century include: snitzy, from snazzy and ritzy; frateriority, a college organization with both male and female members; Broadwayfarer, a New York City hustler; scandiculous, a mix of scandalous and ridiculous; strangeography, writing about unusual places; and solemncholy, from solemn and melancholy. Today this whimsical form is common, especially in advertising and newspaper jargon -- drawing inspiration from terms such as adverteaser, which as long as eighty years ago meant an ad that aroused curiosity by withholding information.

So today we're going to have white rabbits with magic flutes handing out tasty, tasty biscuits, is that it?

-The Gneech
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Must Be Con Bounce!

I am so hyper today! If it wasn't for this stoopid job thing, I'd be doing a pic of Artie tearing up the dance floor with his bad self. Instead, I'll just crank up the bubblegum pop in the jukebox and bounce around the cubicle.

Why am I hyper, you ask? Well, it's been a week of slam dunks, that's why! FC managed to beat MFM for profits at the dealer table (and I was GOH at MFM, kenya believe it?), some very cool prospects have appeared for NN in the past couple of days, OhNoRobot is up and working like a charm, and a few other items which must be kept confidential for the time being. Furthermore, the workouts are coming on like gangbusters [1] and some very exciting things are going to be coming up in SJ soon.

In short, things are firing on all cylinders, it's a bright blue beautiful day outside with the promise of even moreso tomorrow, and life is just plain awesome. :)

Savor it when it happens, that's my advice!

-The Gneech

[1] I love the utilization of obscure colloquialisms. But you knew that.
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