February 1st, 2006

Alex Spaz

Happy Birthday, susandeer!

Happy berfday Sue!

And now for a terrible joke:

As many of you probably know, Sue sometimes hangs out with the macro community, in which her doe persona grows to crazy heights and she goes around stomping cities and generally wreaking macro-style havoc. Well on one such occasion, she happened upon a cabal of wizards who'd been summoned by the city to protect it -- to no avail! She just leaned right down and gobbled them up in a single gulp -- except for one who grabbed ahold of her tongue and avoided being swallowed. In best Harry Potter style, the wizard zapped the inside of her mouth with his wand and shouted "Petrificus totalis!" -- paralyzing her on the spot in a very awkward position. It was just like watching a sitcom...

...wacky high jinx in Sue.

-The Gneech
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After a Morning of Brain-Melting Code...

A quick game of FlashFlashRevolution is very therapeutic. ^.^

I don't know if practicing with FFR will translate into any improvement with the real deal ... but hey, the music's cool and it gets my brain out of the office for a minute.

Alas, now I must get back to the code.

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Ow! Ow! OW!!!

That's the sound of laurie_robey KICKIN' MY BUTT on DDR.

We decided, screw the directions, we're using shoes! And it made a huge difference in how often the buttons registered our moves. Like, ever, even.

Laurie's score shot up in the A-B-C range on a regular basis; I managed to get one B. The problem is, the mats are so tiny. I can barely stand in the middle of the pad without pushing UP and DOWN simultaneously. To perform the dance as directed, I have to stand on tip-toes and make these incredibly diminutive steps.

If I wanted to go en pointe I'd take ballet, for cryin' out loud. If the pad was scaled up 100%, I might stop sucking.

I'm glad for Laurie's dramatic improvement -- congrats, Laurie! But my own game was intensely frustrating and very not-fun. Oh well, at least I got a workout out of it.

I'll try again later, hopefully I can find some way to make it work. But tomorrow I'm going back to the Bowflex, where being FRIGGIN' HUGE is an asset, not a liability.

-The Gneech

EDIT: Hmm ... turns out it might not be me after all! Okay, time to go pad-shopping.
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