February 9th, 2006

Conan Civilization Sucks

Chinatown (Warning: Vagueness Ahead)

So there's this group in which I don't exactly feel welcome. The leaders of the group, I've got no problem with, but this group is pretty freeform. One or two loud mouths tend to dominate the actual course of events, or at least the character of such ... and many of the loud mouths don't like me (or people 'like' me) and have no problems saying so in very explicit terms.

But the leaders of this group and I, you see, have a mutually beneficial arrangement. So I do my business with them, they do their business with me, and other than that we pretty much ignore each other.

Except now, I find myself in a position to help out some of the members of this group who have been fairly decent to me ... and I'll take it, but that means going back into the belly of the beast and interacting with this group like a member of it again -- something I'm not at all keen to do.

Ah well. I guess I'll just have to put on the asbestos undies, strap on the chainmail, and wade in.

-The Gneech
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