February 11th, 2006

Hong Kong Phooey

Saturday Workout Report (Cracking Cheese, Gromit Edition)

You can't really watch videos while doing the Yourself! Fitness workout, but I watched the deleted scenes on the Curse of the Wererabbit DVD beforehand, so it counts. I also tried my hand at Capcom: Fighting Evolution and totally got my sorry butt whomped. Even on the easiest difficulty setting, only Ryu was even slightly effective, and he still lost in the end. Gah.

Anyway! Today's workout results are:

Focus: Upper Body Strength
Duration: 30 mins
Calories Burned: 185 (is that it?)
Result: I need to up the difficulty on this bit. Or use heavier hand weights. Or both.

And since kyrincat requested it... my measurements! With bodybuilding.com's calculated "ideal" for comparison and giggles.
Height: 6' 2.5"
Body Weight: 295 lbs today. Go fig!
Neck: 18"
Chest: 55" (47" 'ideal')
Natural Waist: 49" (33" 'ideal')
Beltline: 52" (but I wear size 46 jeans, go fig)
Hip: 54" (40" 'ideal')
Bicep: 17.5" (17" 'ideal')
Thigh: 27.5" (25" 'ideal')

Net result: Yes, I am quite a large person. 0.o

-The Gneech

PS: Note that the bodybuilding.com "ideal" is based on a measurement of your wrist size. Nothing else ... height, gender, nothing. Just wrist size. So frankly, I'm not sure what if any value it has.
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Kero Power Tie

Snow Day ^.^

So after doing my workout, I worked on a Valentine's Day commission for somebody, then laurie_robey and I baked some peanut butter blossoms while listening to the Love Hina soundtrack ... all while watching big fluffy white flakes come down.

Got hyperglycemia yet?

-The Gneech
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