February 12th, 2006

Shaoran Action

Sunday Workout Report (Amitabhu Edition)

Shoveled the walk for about half an hour, which I'd certainly call a workout, and then watched Shaolin Wheel of Life and the 'making of' documentary, Enter the Shaolin, which included footage of them auditioning monks and talking to the abbot at the actual temple. I haven't met any Shaolin monks personally, but Sifu Jung's instructor is one, and from what I've heard, the monks at the temple are exactly as I would expect. :)

Anyway, Collapse )

Watching Wheel of Life always reminds me of how much I love Kung Fu. I really want to get into good enough shape to go back and feel good about it.

Unfortunately, I pulled something between my shoulderblades during the military press. I'll take some Advil and rest it tonight and tomorrow; hopefully by my Tuesday workout it'll be all right again. Probably the combination of shoveling snow and doing the Bowflex was just too much for it.

-The Gneech
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