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February 16th, 2006

Nothing Succeeds Like Success

Hits are Tough to Predict

Anybody who creates popular media for a living (or even a hobby) could have told you that much. But it's at least interesting to see it studied.

-The Gneech, conquering the world one Jungloid at a time


frostdemn just posted his Further Confusion '06 Photo Album and I gotta admit, I got a kick out of this one...

Babs and me!

There's something about babsbunny that brings out the rakish rogue in anybody!

-The Gneech


I've got to decide what to do re: Comic-Con this year. Normally, Dragon*Con is my "go purely for fun and blow a wad of money" con. However, this year I may be spending a lot of time at the Plan 9 table at D*C, as Jeff Darlington won't be there and Bill and Bruce will probably really want the extra hand. This would turn D*C into more or less a working con, which a) mitigates the cost (but probably does not eliminate it), and b) eats up some of the "vacationey" aspect.

This might free up funds for Comic-Con, not to mention making a vacation trip more desirable. But the problem is that Comic-Con comes first -- so if I'm going to go to it, I kinda have to make that decision by the end of this month.

Thoughts, anyone?

-The Gneech
Okay, so after the hole-in-the-moon incident, Vash disappears to the little podunk town; Wolfwood comes to retrieve him and tells him about Knives, upon news of which they go to some other town. Once they deal with the crisis in the other town, Wolfwood wanders off again.

Um ... but ... Knives? Disappeared town? Wasn't the plot over that way?

Ah well. More plot on the next disk, I guess.

Oh yeah! The workout report. Duh.Collapse )

Flat Barbell Bench Press goes up to 85 lbs next week; Triceps Pushdown to 50, Deadlift to 40. I will probably add 15 seconds to my stances, as well.

-The Gneech

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