February 23rd, 2006

Alex Spaz

Snagged from indigoskynet...

The Walt Disney Co. is planning to revive traditional hand-drawn animation next year with its live-action/animated Enchanted, Disney watcher Jim Hill reported on his website today (Wednesday). A traditionally animated test sequence has already been created for the film by veteran Disney animator James Baxter, best known for his supervision of the character Belle in Beauty and the Beast, according to Hill. "And those who have seen this particular piece of rough animation say that it is 'simply stunning. A wonderful throwback to the sort of films that Disney used to make.'" Baxter, Hill said, has been secretly working on the sequence with a small crew at his own studio in Pasadena, and, he added, his work is likely to be displayed by Pixar's John Lasseter and Ed Catmull as they make their well-known case for reviving hand-drawn animation to Disney chief Robert Iger. Said Hill: "They're going to tell Iger: 'Doesn't that look terrific? People are really going to eat this picture up. They've been waiting for Disney to do a new film that features traditional animation. Which is why this movie is going to do HUGE box office next year.'"

As Jean-Luc would say, "Make it so!"

-The Gneech
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Alex Spaz

Thursday Workout Report #1 of 2

Yourself! Fitness + Fitness Challenge
Focus: Flexibility
Duration: 15 minutes
Calories Burned: 97
Result: Some sweat, that's about it.

A short workout is better than none; I couldn't do it last night due to haircuttage. The 15 minutes doesn't include the other 15-20 minutes I spent on the fitness challenge (i.e., progress tracking).

And now, I've got to get to work. Tax dollars don't waste themselves, you know!

-The Gneech
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Alex Spaz

Soon, My Comics Shall TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! *schwinnggg!*

Tonight's would-be appointment with the counselor has been postponed, giving me an unexpected evening off to work on stuff. W00t! And since I made sure to get tomorrow's strip done last night, I have lots of flexibility.

Oh yes, it's all coming together nicely!

So, here's the triumphant return of the Too Much To Do List™! Items are roughly in orderCollapse )
Wow, have I forgotten anything through the end of 2006? 0.o

-The Gneech
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Thursday Workout Report, #2 of 2

Finished off the Comic Party anime tonight. It's a great little series, although it's stronger in the first half than the second half. The manga is better overall, although that's stronger in the second half than it is in the first half. Weird.

Anyway, Collapse )

I was feeling lazy, so I just left half of the exercizes that were supposed to be 35 lbs, on 40 ... and didn't notice a difference. For next week, I went ahead and set them all to 40 moving forward. Thus endeth Week 16 ... or Month #4. On to Week 17 (Month #5) without a single missed workout! Huzzah. :)

-The Gneech
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