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March 15th, 2006

Morning Weirdness


-The Gneech

Hey, Out There... [gaming]

Anybody out there have the WotC Starships of the Galaxy supplement? Drop me a note here or send me an e-mail (thegneech at gmail dot com)!


Silly Stuff

Why do we scream "Geronimo!" when jumping out of a plane?

I always think of the movie (I believe it was one of the Hot Shots movies, although it might have been Top Secret) in which a squad of paratroopers are jumping out of a plane...

TROOPER #1 approaches the plane door and jumps out

TROOPER #1: Geronimooo!

TROOPER #2 approaches the plane door and jumps out

TROOPER #2: Geronimooo!

GERONIMO approaches the plane door and jumps out


-The Gneech

Some Star Wars Geekery

Stuff I came across while working on the coming weekend's game session...

Star Wars Episodes I-VI: The Greatest Postmodern Art Film Ever -- What "the Force" really is.

The Jedi as Ninja -- Shaky, but entertaining.

How Does Anakin Fulfil the Prophecy of "Bringing Balance to the Force"? -- Some interesting commentary in the later posts.

I like the general approach that the SWRPG takes towards experience -- i.e., you're rewarded for the overall difficulty for a particular goal rather than the more simplistic D&D approach of "Monster X is worth Y experience points." I particularly like the passage that comments, "Heroes do not receive experience points for obstacles outside the bounds of the adventure. A hero who ignores the goals of a mission to pick random fights in a cantina should not receive experience points no matter how many scoundrels and Gamorrean thugs the hero lays low." (Of course, this is not to say you can't run D&D this way -- and to a certain extent, I do.)

However, when you start to look at the numbers, the experience charts of SWRPG are pretty much the CR charts from D&D with the edges rounded off. A "Challenge Code A" creature/encounter is roughly equivalent to a D&D creature/encounter with a CR of 1/3 to 1. It's just disguised! But that makes building a Star Wars adventure a little dicey for me to wrap my brain around. Since I've gotten pretty used to the D&D numbers, trying to mentally convert them to the SW analogues makes me brainlock.

To help with this, I created the Challenge Code to CR Conversion Chart! Among other things, this will allow me to use handy utilities such as the EL & XP Calculator for D&D in my SWRPG campaign. And since I try to be useful when I can, I'm posting it here for you.Collapse )

The leftmost column is the SWRPG challenge code, the next is the D&D CR, and the columns to the right indicate the party experience by average level, assuming a 4-player party.

As you can tell, there's a pretty wide variance in Challenge Codes, and this chart is pretty much an approximation. But it pretty well evens out. To convert a SWRPG challenge code to a CR, you can either just take the mid-range (e.g., every foe of challenge code "D" is CR 8), or you can tweak it up or down according to the encounter situation (e.g., a low-level starfighter pilot, code "C", is CR 6 in a starship battle among asteroids, but only CR 4 in a lightsaber duel). An average stormtrooper, being Thug 3, is Challenge Code B, CR 2.

Hope you SWRPG GMs out there get some use out of this!


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