March 21st, 2006


Peculiar Sleep and Star Wars Stuff

I'm sure that anybody out there who actually pays attention to my silly journal has noticed that I've been pretty quiet by comparison the past couple of weeks. Every once in a while, particularly when I'm being bombarded by a lot of stoopid at work, I withdraw from creative endeavors and go into a kind of hermit mode where all I think about is RPGs, sword-and-sorcery, Star Wars, or some combination thereof.

I think my current hibernation is drawing to a close; last night I slept so hard that any deeper sleep would be referred to as "a coma," and today, while I'm still a little groggy this morning, I'm feeling a bit more focused on art and writing. Since I finally got the new scanner last night, now is a good time to reconnect. :)

While off in hermitland, I watched all six Star Wars movies with the commentary track turned on. It had some interesting insights (well, interesting to me, anyway), but to protect the non-SW geeks out there from being traumatized, I'll hide them Collapse )

What interests me the most about it all is that from the POV of a writer/creator, I can totally sympathise with Lucas on some of these points -- "Boba's kinda cool but he's not important" coincides nicely with thought's I've had along the lines of "Dover's a funny gag but not that interesting a character" for instance. At the same time, from the POV of a fan, I want to say to him, "Are you crazy? Of COURSE Boba Fett has to have a cool death -- it totally undermines the heroes if you just sweep an important foe under the rug like that!" We creators have to remember that the story we're trying to tell, is not necessarily the story the audience will connect with, nor necessarily the story they want to hear ... and be prepared to deal with that one way or another.

-The Gneech
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Tuesday Workout Report ("LOVE and ... Oh Forget It" Edition)

Tonight's viewing selection was more Trigun followed by the first half of Margaret Rutherford in Murder, Most Foul. Trigun was, well, more of the same ... and I'm rapidly tiring of it. Wolfwood had his big episode, whoop-de-do, and now each episode is just "set up a Gung Ho Gun, and knock 'em down, while Vash blubbers." No plot, no interest, no point.

Man, for something that started out such a bright surprise, it's really starting to let me down. -.- But there's not that much of the series left, so I'm going to push on through to the end. Maybe something good will happen before then.

Anyway, enough about that! Collapse )

And on to tomorrow ... for tomorrow is another day!

-The Gneech
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