April 8th, 2006

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This Oughta Be Interesting...

Regarding gaming tonight...

camstone can't make it due to a bug.

To fill in for him, pholph has invited Sirfox, a local dude whom I've met but don't really know (but who seems cool enough), who will take the duties of running camstone's ranger Jaer for the evening. (The out being, if he has Jaer do something wildly out of character, or gets the character killed, we'll retcon it to something different next time).

And it is, of course, pholph's farewell session.

On top of all of which, tonight's session has the chance of throwing the characters into some mighty bad mojo, depending on how it goes. There is an encounter in the adventure which, should the players slip up or the dice be unkind, could go really, really badly. (I mean, really, who expects something good to happen when people are going around asking "Have you seen The Yellow Sign?")

Cross your fingers, brothers and sisters, that the campaign survives this session! 0.o

-The Gneech
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Tentacles, the Group's Favorite Thing EVAR!

The good news is, the characters made it through Act I alive! In particular, they survived the Mob encounter, but took a heck of a pummeling to do so. (When Dragor ends the encounter with 12 hit points, you know it was a hairy encounter.) sirfox took good care of camstone's ranger for the evening, including having the wolf companion scout around rather than jump into the fray. He seemed to enjoy himself, so hopefully he'll be back for more. He'll probably run pholph's bard Ulf for the remainder of this adventure, and then create a character of his own for future games as Ulf goes off to run his bar.

The party has now seen the Yellow Sign. They have not met the King In Yellow, yet, but there's still at least one more session before this adventure is concluded...

-The Gneech
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