June 11th, 2006

Shiver Me Timbers

A Hobgoblin Wererat? That's Novel!

Tonight was the second session of my new Luskan campaign. On the whole it was fun, although jamesbarrett kept not being able to roll dice until he finally managed to drop the BBEG. (Also, fferret: did you prepare sleep after the rest? I noticed in E-Tools that it wasn't in your initial list of prepared spells. It's not worth retconning for a room with a couple of dire rats, but I want to make a note for the future.) I also have to remember to ask for arcane failure checks for armored spellcasters!

This scenario was a very generic dungeon crawl (in fact, it's part of the Goodman Games "Dungeon Crawl Classics" line) to introduce all the characters and get a feel for their characters and interaction. The next scenario gets the characters more actively involved in the Yo Ho Piratey setting of Luskan, which is something we haven't touched on much yet. The BBEG of this particular scenario was a hobgoblin wererat, which I just thought was a really cool idea. He was actually just a lieutenant of a larger threat, which the PCs may or may not go back to deal with -- but other things will get in the way first.

Alas, no more gaming for two weeks, le sigh. Next weekend is AnthroCon, and the weekend after that is a certain wedding I must attend, so the reasons are worthy. Still, 'tis a bummer -- I've spent entirely too many weekends not gaming lately!

Want game! Yarr!

But now, bedtime. Ni ni.

-The Gneech
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Kero Talkie WTF

Erm ... Stuff.

I know I have a lot of things to do; every time I'm away from my desk for a few minutes I think of a new thing that I need to get back to my desk and do.

Then when I get here and ask my brain what it was I needed so badly to do, it blinks at me and says, "Sorry, were you talking to me?"

Well if all else fails, I always need to draw the next strip. So I'll start there.

-The Gneech
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