June 23rd, 2006

Kero asleep

Big Badda Boom

That ... was a heck of a storm that rolled through here last night.

Just after midnight.

Shaking the windows.

Blasting trees right and left.

Making it very difficult to sleep.

-The Gneech
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Kero Power Tie

Art Meme Nicked From thornwolf

List 10 things about your art and post them in your journal:

Well okay I will...

1. My earliest attempts at drawing were Bambi, Peanuts, and Star Trek.

2. My cartooning style started out as a kind of hybrid between Berke Breathed and Walt Kelly, without being anywhere near as good as either of them. These days it has a more well-rounded set of influences, and can occasionally be pretty good when I'm on a roll. I still have slumps that drive me crazy, tho, and have a lot of trouble drawing without references.

3. I cannot color inside the lines. I have never been able to color inside the lines. I don't have enough control over my hand movements to even trace a line exactly.

4. As an outgrowth of #3, I looooove Photoshop. It has undo, and an eraser tool.

5. As an outgrowth of #4, I don't do a very good job with real media, 'cause I'm spoiled by the tools in Photoshop. I am working on correcting this, however.

6. I would very much love to do more art for fun, as well as for art shows, but lately I have a lot of trouble coming up with ideas.

7. It takes me so long to do a finished piece, that 85% of my art is just sketches. On the other hand, I've become fairly adept at working with a #2 pencil!

8. Writing is much, much easier than art, for me. I know lots of people, such as Vince, for whom the exact opposite is true. I envy their facility like crazy ... but on the other hand, I love being able to write quickly!

9. Furries is much more fun to draw than people is. ;)

10. I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler. People who can do technical drawings do some bizarre kind of voodoo that I just stare at in total incomprehension.

-The Gneech
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Yerf Pick of the Day

For a while, I was seeing various folks on my friends list post "VCL Pick of the Day" links; I can't look at VCL while I'm at work, however, but thankfully Yerf lives again. :) And as I want to get back into sprucing up my art a bit (it's been kinda sub-par lately) I am attempting to get back into studying other people's work for both techniques and inspiration. So I'm going to try to post a Yerf Pick of the Day on a semi-regular basis.

Because I haven't been actually looking at Yerf for the past month and had a lot to catch up on (Hey, I been busy!), today I'm actually going to do a two-fer.

Happy Owl by Lyosha
Squeeably cute, and mighty nice marker work. Those eyes rock.

Lemurs by Nevar
Holy CRAP is that nice color work! I completely missed this one at the artshow. It looks like color pencil, with possibly some pastels mixed in? I could get lost in that fur!

-The Gneech
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Stuff I Owe People!

Hey, everybody! I'm trying to update my Too-Much-To-Do List, and that includes commissions and cameos that are currently languishing in development heck. So, I'm making a list here and I'm depending on people to tell me if I've forgotten them!

Badge for Mako (will do tonight)
Badge for Mooncat
Biz. cards for Mammallamadevil
Character portrait for Rose
Proper double-aspect badge/icons for Kamau
Badge for Rory I did this one already! I wonder if I ever got paid for it. 0.o
Badge for JadedFox
TBD commish for Pholph (FC 2006 room party door prize)
TBD commish for Spiked Punch (two years plus and counting, dude!)

3 for Wesha! =:o I'm going to have to do "Wesha week" or something.
Commander Kitsune

"Ask Carpe Diem!" page
CD annual story
Prismacolor holders to Milgrove

Does anybody know of stuff I've missed here?

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