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June 26th, 2006

A Trifle Moist

Hmm ... portions of DC are flooding. Traffic is all honked up and I suspect our usual route to work is under four or five feet of water.

My back is sore, and I'm as groggy as a somnambulist who's been shot by a tranquilizer dart after having a nice long sniff of chloroform.

The obvious answer here is go back to bed work from home via remote login.

Goodnight! So that's what I'll do.

-The Gneech

Yerf Pick of the Day

Dancing Elephants by Meaghan Arbital
Lots of energy and character! So much of the stuff on Yerf is angsty squiggles or snarly demon gargoyles with sharp corners, that whenever I see happy, 'toony stuff, I instinctively cheer!

-The Gneech


Nicked from galish

I escaped from the Dungeon of The Gneech!

I killed Calikat the kobold, Tchall the kobold, Silussa the rat, Xoagray the leprechaun, Bigtig the floating eye and Camstone the kobold.

I looted a Figurine of Xianjaguar, the Sword of Plonq, the Sword of Mission Style, a Figurine of Russ Da Roo, the Amulet of the Prisoner, the Shield of Yog-sothothery, the Shield of Confusedoo, a Figurine of Kevinpease, the Amulet of Heroic Fantasy, the Sceptre of Chriscrosby and 49 gold pieces.

Score: 224

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Actually, I remember seeing the Figurine of Kevinpease in the art show at AnthroCon.

-The Gneech

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