June 30th, 2006On this day in different years

Six Million Dollar Man

Saved By My Cheapness

I sometimes boggle at the amount some people are willing to spend on stuff at eBay. There can be four of a given item up there, and three or four people will bid like crazy on one of them, leaving me to quietly come along and win one of the other three at a bargain price.

But the great thing about eBay, for me, is that I'm cheap. Most things, I want to spend what I want to spend and no more. If I can't get the item for that much, well, I didn't want it that badly anyway.

This week I've been on something of an eBay binge, as noted yesterday in my post about miniatures; but the thing is, I've only spent something like $30 total. On the other hand, of the fifteen or so auctions I've been involved in, I've gotten out-bid on nine of them. But I don't mind. If I wanted to pay full price for something, there's a Game Parlor just up the road that could order it for me. (And a few of these items, I expect they'll be doing just that in a week or two, precisely because I do keep getting out-bid on them.)

But it's a good thing I keep getting out-bid; in fact, I depend on it. If I actually won all these things I bid on, I'd be spending $100+ on gaming stuff offa eBay, which means I'd have to find a home for it all, and laurie_robey would sigh. ;)

-The Gneech
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