July 23rd, 2006



T. Campbell told me I was jaded yesterday, and he may be on to something. Comic-Con has left me largely unimpressed; compare to the first time I went to Dragon*Con, where I spent the whole con just sorta going "Woooooowwwwwww..."

I mean, it's not like I haven't seen stuff here I liked ... the "Master Replicas" model of the U.S.S. Enterprise (complete w/ motorized nacelle lights) was absolutely beautiful and would be $1600 well spent if I had $1600 to spend on it (which of course I don't). But precisely because I don't have that, nor the space to store the thing if I did, I can't really get that excited about it.

And on the whole, that's been my experience with the whole con! "Bruce Campbell is here! I won't be able to get within 200 feet of him, but he's here! Um. Yay." "Look, original Pogo art! Cool! It's behind a table so I can't examine it closely, and it's in the 'if you have to ask you can't afford it' category, but it's original Pogo art! Um. Yay."

And finally, I've been thinking about what it would be like to have a table here, and what (if anything) I have to offer that would be worth the effort. Steve Purcell, creator of Sam & Max, has a dinky little half-table and people just walk right on past him. There are rows and rows of people nobody's ever heard of -- most of whom have better art than I do -- all trying to get somebody, anybody in the crowd to stop and pick up their book.

Do I really want to be in that category?

-The Gneech
Kero asleep

Well, Today Was Better :)

I enjoyed today much better. :) Some of it was seeing Brad Guigar, Pete Abrams, and Vince. Dan Shive also asked me about NeverNever to announce in his Keenspot blog, and it's always nice to have people interested in your work.

I think some of my dissatisfaction/ennui/whatever it was this morning came from being on the wrong side of the table, honestly. I had this mental breakthrough when laurie_robey and I were sitting in T. Campbell's "History of Web Comics" panel and I found myself wanting to be up on the panel answering.

Pete Abrams said something to me that I think really nails it on the head: "Dragon*Con, you can go and have fun and sell stuff. Here it's all just sell, sell, sell." And that's really true. Comic-Con has so much Hollywood, and so many huge piles of people, and it's so large and impersonal, that you have to really work to connect with anybody you know.

So right now I'm thinking about making Comic-Con a working con, so that (this year excluded) I can keep Dragon*Con as my vacation. Kerry has a plan to possibly get us a small press table. Also, apparently "the winds have changed" at Keenspot, so perhaps some fences can be mended there. Everyone I encountered at the Keenspot table today was very friendly, so Kerry and I might be able to start working with them.

Anyhow, as I say, I feel much better about things today. We'll have to see how things pan out from here.

-The Gneech
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