July 28th, 2006

Jedi Lion

Khent Devto, Takes 2 and 3 [gaming]

You may recall I created a character for laurie_robey's Star Wars game. Upon further reflection, and hearing the group composition, I decided to revise him a bit. I had been thinking of converting him to a Jedi Counsular, so I wrote up a version like that; but since hantamouse is going to keep playing his haggle-happy squib, and jamesbarrett is going for a more scoundrel-ish sort of character, it looks like the role of party tank goes to me.

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While the Counsular version does have some more interesting skill options, I'm basically an action-oriented sort of guy, so I'm going to stick with the running-punching-laser-swording Jedi Guardian version. He's a lot more focused with this build, so he should be more fun to play.

-The Gneech