August 6th, 2006

Legolas Aaah

Uummm ... No, But Thanks For Offering

Session #3 (I think?) of jamesbarrett's game with Celedras. The good news is, the Devourer did not obliterate the party as I (the player) was afraid it might. In fact, once we went to town on it, it went down pretty quickly. I had visions of either camstone's or laurie_robey's characters getting their souls sucked out -- and it tried! But fortunately camstone's dice came through when a success was needed and he resisted! I was never particularly worried for Celedras, because he stayed out in the hall and peppered the thing with arrows.

So anyway, we wrapped up that adventure (Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Blackguard's Revenge) and launched straight into the companion adventure (Dungeon Crawl Classics: Iron Crypt of the Heretics). Level-up time! =D So now Celedras is Scout 5 / Ranger 5 / Thief-Acrobat 1. His new favored enemy is (You guessed it!) Undead +4! He still doesn't get Skirmish damage against 'em, but Favored Enemy damage is better 'cause it doesn't matter if he moves, full-attacks, is within 30' or is on the far side of the map. And unlike precision damage (i.e., sneak attack, skirmish, etc.), it always applies.

Weird thing tho, E-Tools is randomly giving him an extra 3 points of AC all of a sudden that I can't account for. He's got:

10 (base)
+7 (elven chain +2)
+4 (18 Dex)
+1 (ring of protection +1)
22 = Total

Except that E-Tools keeps listing him as having AC 25. It's not adding in his Skirmish bonus, that would only be +1. It's not adding in the Thief-Acrobat AC bonus, because that shows up at ThfAcr 2. So where's it coming from? Pfui.

It's easy enough to fix on the character sheet ... I just wonder why it's doing it. As it is, I have to go into the HTML file of the print preview and fix his flat-footed AC as well. (Uncanny Dodge means you never have to say "I don't get my Dex bonus.")

Oh well. For those interested, here's his new (correct) stat block, DMG II-style.

Collapse )

His new skill ranks went mostly into Search and Move Silently, although one also went into Survival.

-The Gneech

PS: sirfox, here are the links you wanted. Now ... crash time! *thud*