August 26th, 2006

Archie do

My Cup Bubbleth Over

This morning as I was working (which, despite what frostdemn may think, I do actually do on occasion), I thought of another Fictionlet. I don't know why they're suddenly flying at me right and left after being more or less quiet for however many months. But for various reasons I decided that instead of posting it, I'd save it for later, and wrote it in my lil' black Moleskine.

(Parenthetically, I'm loving this lil' black Moleskine. I've written a ton of neat little tidbits in here and I've only used the first tenth of the notebook, if that much ... I periodically read through it for ideas or inspiration, and whenever my brain comes up with a funny little tidbit, such as "The Cabinet of Dr. Calamari", I write it in there.)

Anyway, I have for a while been making rumbling noises and occasionally muttering in my sleep about the prospect of writing a Brigid and Greg novel, and I'm still working on that idea. But while that big block of stuff that I currently have outlined as "THE MIDDLE OF THE BOOK GOES HERE" works itself out in my subconscious, I am thinking at turning my hand towards trying to write a complete B&G short story, like in the 6,000-10,000 words range. Some of the Fictionlets have been pretty well complete stories of the "micro-fiction"/"flash fiction" variety, even though they are really intended to be pieces of a larger corpus of work.

The problem there, of course, is one of plot -- what would B&G do for 8,000 words other than be snarky at each other? All I really need is a premise; once the gears are turning, I can make the narrative happen. This is a recurring problem with me -- I can come up with a neat premise, or I can turn a neat premise into a full-fledged story, but I have a hard time doing both with the same idea.

I'll have to ponder the problem. One idea I had was to take one of those "20 master plots" type lists and chuck darts at it, so that "man vs. nature" becomes "B&G caught out in a blizzard" or something like that.

I'm open to suggestions, if there's any particular aspect of B&G readers would like expanded on -- the one exception being that I don't want to do "When Brigid Met Greg" for various reasons. For the immediate future at least, any and all B&G stories I'll be writing start on the foundation that they're roomies and have been for at least a little while. I might do something with Isadora perhaps? Hmm.

-The Gneech

PS: Don't request "Brigid, Greg, and Isadora caught out in a blizzard" please. I already thought of that one! ;)